9GAG: Hide anonymous posts

There’s probably a rather small audience for this tip.
I’ll share it anyway.

9GAG decided to display usernames of OPs. Which is mostly a good thing, as it seems to have reduced double posts, bot posts and spam posts.
However, posters can still indicate that they want to be anonymous. Posts from these OPs are then posted under the generic fake username 9GAGGER, a user that cannot be blocked. And obviously there are posters who abuse this possibility to continue to post bullshit posts.

Luckily it’s not very hard to just hide all posts from fake user 9GAGGER; in your desktop browser, that is.

Install the uBlock Origin add-on in your browser.
Open it’s settings, and add this filter on the My filters tab:


Hit the Apply changes button, and you’re done.

All anonymous posts will now be hidden. Mind you: they are still loaded, they are just hidden from sight.

Obviously, you can also use this to hide other users’ posts. This way you won’t have to create an account just to ignore certain users. Just replace 9GAGGER with the user to be ignored in the rule above; make sure to leave the caret ( ^ ) before the username intact, as well as the dollar sign ( $ ) behind it.
You can make as many of these rules as you like, one rule per line.

Additionally, if you don’t have a 9GAG user account, you can’t make ‘sensitive content‘ visible, so you might as well filter that out, too:


And personally I have configured my browser to block all YouTube content (or all Google content, actually), so I don’t need 9GAG to display these ’empty’ posts either:


If you now have both the uBlock Origin and uMatrix add-ons installed, you could copy the rules from uMatrixMy rules tab to uBlock‘s My rules tab. Both add-ons are created by the same developer team, and the rules are compatible. You could then disable or uninstall uMatrix.
You may have to add some new rules to get some sites working again, though, since uBlock Origin blocks a bit more than uMatrix.
The uMatrix GitHub repository has been archived, so I think uMatrix may be retired soon (although I have not been able to find any confirmation about that).


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9GAG: Hide anonymous posts