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JWPlayer errors

Error Code 224002: This video file cannot be played
Error Code 224003: This video file cannot be played
Error Code 232011: This video file cannot be played

A few of the more common web video player errors, but they tell you nothing.

If you search the internet for these errors, all you find are generic bullshit ‘solutions’: clear cache, disable all extensions, disable hardware acceleration, etc. So, here’s the actual list of JWPlayer error codes: Player errors reference. Get you some real answers.

By the way, the meaning of the above errors:

  • Failed to decode the associated resource (224002),
  • Failed to play the associated resource because it is not supported by this browser (224003), and
  • A manifest request was made without proper crossdomain credentials (232011)
    (The manifest is a file that contains the URLs for the various segments that make up the entire video.)

What it comes down to, is that JWPlayer just sucks a lot, especially if you use a proxy. Let’s hope that with the growing acceptance of HTML5, with built-in video support, projects like this will go the same way Flash players did.


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JWPlayer errors